Loving Pets, Art and Creativity

Are you crazy about your pet and have you been called crazy at least a dozen times as a result? Or do you only know your best friend as a double pack with her furry friend? Wonderful! Then you are exactly right here. We have made it a matter close to our hearts to artistically capture your love for animals and thus give it a completely new expression.

We at MeinTierDesign love our four-legged friends more than anything and we know how meaningful the wonderful bond with them is. They are loyal companions, best friends and real rocks in the surf. Nothing can replace the joy we experience from our pets. And honestly, who else would be so happy if we sing along to the theme song from Dirty Dancing ?!

With our modern animal illustrations you can now celebrate your treasure as a work of art and have it immortalized forever. It doesn't matter whether you want to have your lively dog, the cat princess or a parakeet grooving to 90s hits portrayed. All you need is a nice photo of your favorite - we will do the rest!

A personalized pet portrait as a declaration of love for your pet

We will digitally draw your work of art by hand based on a photo of your animal. We attach great importance to all the small details that reflect the unique character of your favorite. Then choose from over 100 backgrounds the one that perfectly suits your sweetheart and individual style.

With a guaranteed WOW effect

We want to make you and your loved ones happy! We guarantee you the WOW effect of our custom products as well as a personal shopping experience. Whether you are looking for the right photo or choosing a background: We are there for you and only satisfied when you are happy! ♡