Your pet as a custom hand-painted portrait

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Your pet as a custom hand-painted portrait

Immortalize your beloved pet as a unique, hand-painted portrait! ❤️
We draw animal portraits of dogs, cats, horses and all your favourite pets lovingly digitally by hand, paying attention to all the little details that make your pet so special.

All we need for this is a nice photo of your animal, which serves us as a template. After 1-3 working days, you will receive your artwork as a digital file in PNG format with a cropped background.

  • handpainted animal portrait
  • digital PNG file
  • transparent background
  • ready in 1-3 working days

How it works

1. Choose a product and upload a photo of your pet

Use a picture of your pet in bright light, best when it's sitting upright or standing.

2. Approve your pet art and choose a background

Your artwork is usually ready for approval and background selection in 1-2 days.

3. Get your custom pet product and enjoy your unique memory!

It's the perfect gift for any pet parent.